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What a Bride needs
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Hello and welcome to Wow me Wedding hair.
We are all about helping you have a beautiful hair experience before and on your wedding day. 
We understand  that you can choose anyone to do your hair but why not choose affordable and professional. We will work with your budget to try and bring you the best possible experience.
So the best place to start is by contacting us for an initial consultation.  
We will go over with you: your wedding date, scheduling a trial( highly recommended)the size of your wedding party, the kind of hairstyles you like, if you choose to wear a veil or another item in your hair.  If you may need any hair treatments, any hair extensions, or any color or trimming to get your hair prepped for your special day. We will go over a few packages that we offer that will fit your needs and budget. We will also go over contracts and deposits.

🔶​Bronze package🔶

 This is our most affordable package designed for small bridal parties of up to four styles including any of the following: Bride, bridesmaid/ made of honor mother of the bride or flower girl. This package starts at $400.00 *not including any add on's, travel or parking expenses.

⚪️​Silver package​⚪️

 This package is designed for a medium sized bridal party of up to five or six including: the Bride, bridesmaid/maid of honor mother of the bride/mother of the groom, flower girls and  Junior bridesmaids. This package starts out at $550.00 *not including any add on's, travel or parking expenses  

⭐️​Gold package⭐️

 This package is designed for a large bridal party of 6 up to 10 which may include: the Bride, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids/maid of honor, mother of the bride/mother of the groom, or flower girls.  This package starts out at $850.00* not including add-on's travel or parking expenses 

​💎Platinum package💎

 This package is designed for the Bride who wants an all day hairstylist on site or for extravagant unusual themed weddings such as Holidays, masquerade balls, and movie themes, or hair add on's that require a significant amount of time. This package ​​ starts out at $150.00 an hour   *with a minimum of 4 working hours time, *price does not include add-on's travel or parking expenses .
Booking a Trial run
 A trial run is highly recommended any time 1-6 months before the wedding day. The stylist will see and feel the condition, texture, length and density of the bride's hair.
The stylist will also go over desired styles appropriate for brides hair if trimming coloring or conditioning will be necessary and if extensions will be desired. As well as the timing and do's and dont's to ensure perfection on your wedding day. If a full trial of the hair is not desired a 30 minute session for $50.00 can be arranged.
 booking a trial run is $150.00 per hour 50% will be credited towards any package deal when contract is signed and deposit made 
*All hair styling will be done on clean dry tangle free hair ready for styling, unless othwise agreed to something different and noted in contract or an increase in price of package will occur 
All packages can be adjusted to Brides needs